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Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle

60 MINUTES $88

Private consultations involve working one-on-one to determine your individual constitution & imbalances. Through this discovery, you will be given nutrition & lifestyle practices to  help restore balance in the body, mind, and soul.  Book a session directly with Shauny!  Note that you can also book combo sessions of Ayurveda & Private Yoga! More about the science of Ayurveda below! 


Chakra Balancing 

45 MINUTES $88

Designed to create an energetic balance in the body. In the same way that we eat nutritious foods and exercise to keep our physical body healthy, it is important to nourish our chakras. The chakras are energy centers that are often referred to as the organs of the energy body. Through foods, oils, yoga asanas, pranayamas, and healing stones we can support balancing the chakras. In addition, and most importantly, we work together to expand awareness of how your communication and day-to-day choices can either disturb or support the health of your chakras. 


Mentorship Program (Yoga Teachers)

5-week program $500 • 60 MINUTEs per session

A 5-week mentorship program customized to support achieving your teaching goals. Learn SHAKTI YOGA's spirit-meets-science approach to sequencing a class, advanced knowledge of alignment and hands on adjustments, create and execute goals for your niche market.


For BOOKINGS or information:

Please select the inquire button below to book a session with Shauny. You can also visit SHAKTIBARRE on mindbody and book a session directly on our schedule